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Do YOU want to run your first 5K?  Your first 100-Miler?  Or are you a sedentary individual who needs help starting an exercise program to improve your fitness and wellness or to lose weight?  You have come to the RIGHT PLACE!  Step inside and explore this site to see how Tracy can help you to reach your goals!!!

BodyMechanic Fitness is a Personal Training and Running Coaching Business based in Champaign, IL.  Our goal is to provide YOU with quality personal training and/or running advice (and coaching) based on YOUR goals, current fitness level, fitness history, medical history and injury history.

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Whether or not you are brand new to fitness or a seasoned athlete, we can help you reach your goals and avoid injury. Contact us at 217-714-1388 or Tracy@BodyMechanicFitness.com.

Our philosophy is based on balanced fitness.  Balanced fitness incorporates body composition, flexibility, strength & muscular endurance, and cardiovascular fitness.  If any of these areas are neglected, you cannot be completely fit and can risk injury.

Our Mission is to provide quality results with quality customer service--guaranteed!


In addition to working out and training clients, Tracy spends her free time at the pottery studio.  She has a Bachelor's Degree in Fine Arts and is an accomplished potter as is evident by some of her creations below.


Client Testimonial

"I've been a recreational runner for many years, enjoying local road and trail runs with an occasional half or full marathon thrown in for fun - but never taking them seriously.  However, as every runner knows, you're not a REAL runner unless/until you've qualified for the Boston Marathon!  So, upon turning 40, that became my goal and I trained hard for my first serious attempt at 26.2 miles - using a training program printed in a magazine.  Let's just say that didn't work out as planned, at least beyond mile 20 once I hit the wall! <grin>
So, still wanting to be a REAL runner, I asked around The Kennekuk Road Runners, my local running club, and Tracy came highly recommended as an interactive option better than just blindly following a printed schedule - and I've never received better advice.

Tracy develops a complete custom training schedule that takes into account the areas I specifically need to work on, adjusts the schedule on a per-month basis to match my progress, and even helped pick out my goal marathon for Boston qualification.  With her assistance, I'm not training harder, just smarter!  And my times are improving even at middle distances.  Along the way, I'm learning more about running than I have in 20 years of magazine subscriptions and I heartily recommend Tracy even for experienced runners wanting to perform to their full potential."  --Kevin Stroud, Danville, IL

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*Always consult your physician before undertaking a new exercise regimen!

Last modified: 02/01/2009